This section contains information about setting up a Tribler development environment on Linux systems.


First, install the required dependencies by executing the following command in your terminal:

sudo apt install ffmpeg libssl-dev libx11-6 vlc libgmp-dev python3 python3-minimal python3-pip python3-libtorrent python3-pyqt5 python3-pyqt5.qtsvg python3-scipy

Secondly, install python packages

pip3 install bitcoinlib chardet configobj decorator dnspython ecdsa feedparser jsonrpclib matplotlib netifaces networkx pbkdf2 pony protobuf psutil pyaes pyasn1 pysocks requests lz4 pyqtgraph

Then, install py-ipv8 python dependencies

cd Tribler/pyipv8
pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt

Finally, download the latest tribler .deb file from here.

Now installing the list of dependencies should no longer throw an error.

If there are any problems with the guide above, please feel free to fix any errors or create an issue so we can look into it.

Arch Linux

Execute the following command in your terminal:

pacman -S libsodium libtorrent-rasterbar python3-pyqt5 qt5-svg phonon-qt5-vlc python3-cherrypy python3-cryptography python3-decorator python3-chardet python3-netifaces python3-twisted python3-configobj python3-matplotlib python3-networkx python3-psutil python3-scipy python3-libnacl python3-lz4 python3-pony python3-pyopenssl python3-typing