This guide explains how to build Tribler on MacOS (10.10 to 10.13). The final result is a .dmg file which, when opened, allows to be copied to the Applications directory and or launched. Make sure the required packages required by Tribler are installed from the Development instructions.

Required packages

  • eulagise: In order to attach the EULA to the .dmg file, we make use of the eulagise script. This script is written in PERL and is based on a more fully-featured script. The script can be downloaded from GitHub. The builder expects the script to be executable and added to the PATH environment variable. This can be done with the following commands:

cp /usr/local/bin/eulagise
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/eulagise
eulagise # to test it - it should show that you should add some flags

Building Tribler on macOS

Start by checking out the directory you want to clone (using git clone). Open a terminal and cd to this new cloned directory (referenced to as tribler_source in this guide).

Next, we should inject version information into the files about the latest release. This is done by the script found in Tribler/Main/Build. Invoke it from the tribler_source directory by executing:


Now execute the builder with the following command:


This will create the .dmg file in the tribler_source/dist directory.